How do i convince my husband to quit smoking? -

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How do i convince my husband to quit smoking? -

You can-t.
If he doesn-t decide for himself, then he-ll never quit.
Quitting is hard enough without having someone nagging at you. He must be totally convinced and totally committed to even stand a chance of stopping.

However, as and when he is, you might ask him to read this.

Quitting smoking is a great opportunity to learn about ourselves, as you have already observed.
Congratulate yourself on having the desire to stop - then you are over the worst, but still need to maintain your resolve. It-s just so easy to start thinking that just one won-t hurt, but it does. Just one achieves nothing except feeling the need for another. Whatever you do, don-t have just one. Beware - alcohol will weaken your resolve.
Here-s a few home-brewed tips that might be useful.
It-s not just nicotine addiction - there are 50+ chemicals in cigarettes. Also the main problem is habit.
We have been used to having body sensations which we translate as -my body needs something-, which we have attempted to satisfy by having a cigarette.
When we try to stop smoking, we still get these -my body needs something- sensations, and we still feel that we want a cigarette. We have to train our body to be more selective. When we feel we need something, we have to work out what it is that we actually need.
A glass of water is an excellent substitute if nothing else comes to mind, as it helps with the clearance of the toxic substances in our body. Another good substitute is a bag of salted peanuts, used in combination with the water.
Another thing to do is to find an activity which occupies the mind or body. Go swimming - nobody wants to smoke while they are swimming. Slowly, as our body adjusts and translates the -want something- feelings into something other than cigarettes, then the feelings begin to go away. We know its not a cigarette that the body really needs, because as soon as we-ve had one we still have the feeling, and want another!
We will have a few bouts of feeling or even being short tempered. We must try to bite our lip, and control; ourselves. Recognise the short temper as being the removal of toxins which are trying to find a way out. They went in through the mouth, and they try to get out that way to. We must learn to keep our mouth closed, and force the toxins out the other way.

After we have stopped for a while we will begin to feel that just one wont to any harm.
All that leads to is a desire for just another one. We must guard very strongly against the desire to have just one.
Your husband needs to realize how much he means to you and the reason you want him to quit is because you care about his health and you want to be with him for a long time. We are all people of choice and that-s what makes life in our control, we like to make our own decisions. He needs to come to a decision for himself to quit but definetly keep trying and don-t give up because you too have a choice to keep your husband in good health and you have the choice to make deals, get angry, be annoying, burn plastic in the livingroom when she lights up a cigerette in the house.......ohh sorry that-s the stage I-m at now. Good luck and let me know what broke the -camels- back, no pun intended.

Some facts for you and your husband.

FACTS: Why you should quit smoking cigarettes:
Smoking causes cancer
Nicotine is a highly addictive drug
Smoking killed 434,000 people last year
Smoking cessation has major and immediate health benefits for men and woman of all ages.
So after you quit smoking.
Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette:
The blood pressure drops to normal
The pulse drops to its normal rate
The body temperature of your hands and feet increase to normal

Within 24 hours:
The chance of heart attack decrease
within 48 hours:
nerve ending start to re-grow
Within 2 weeks to 3 months:
The circulation improves
Lung function increases by up to 30 %
Within 1 to 9 months:
Coughing, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease. Cilia re-grows in lungs, increasing ability to handle mucus and reduce infection. The body-s overall energy level increases.
Within 5 years:
Death rate due to lung cancer for average ex-smokers decrease from 137 per 100,000 to 72 per 100,000

Quitting smoking can be a difficult but very rewarding decision for you and your friends or family. To help you begin living your life smoke-free, review the following tips for success.

Think about your reasons for quitting. Write them down and carry them with you. You can read them every day or when the going gets tough.

Choose a good time to quit and set a quit date. Stick with it. Sign a contract. Announce it to family and friends who support your decision.

Think about when and why you use tobacco. Do you use tobacco for a pick-me up? When you are bored? When you are angry, upset, worried? When you are driving your car? When you are with others who are using tobacco?

A couple of weeks before your quit date, wrap your cigarette pack with paper, pencil and rubber band. When you smoke write down the time of day, how you feel, and how important that cigarette is to you. This can help you identify your reasons for smoking.

Have a plan before you quit. If you use tobacco for a pick-me-up, plan to exercise or take a walk instead. When you-re bored, plan to call a friend, listen to music, go for a walk, play with your pet, JUST GET BUSY! When you-re upset, angry, or worried, call a friend, write it down, or talk to someone you trust.

Think good thoughts. -I will do this.- -I-m worth it.- -I-m in control.- -I-m proud of myself.-

What if you smoke after quitting? This does not mean you-re a smoker again- do something now to get back on track. Don-t punish yourself- think about why you smoked and decide what to do the next time it comes up. You-re still a non-smoker.
i think thet this site is wery helpfull

Postpone sexual relations until he quits.
From personal experience, there is nothing you can do to make him stop smoking. Stopping smoking is a choice he will have to make for himself and one that he must know for certain is the right choice.

There may come a time when he will realize this, that is when you can step in and be as supportive as possible. In the mean time you can express how much you care for him and let him come to this healthier conclusion.

When he does, I recommend a trip to the doctor and a prescription for Welbutrin (Zyban). This is a mild anti-depressant that will help him kick the habit. Give the meds a few weeks to work, then when he takes a toke... well, hopefully he will not have a full stomach. Believe me, this works! Been smoke free for 2 years now after smoking for over 20 years.
you cant it is up to him to quit, i know it can be aggravating but let him know how bad it is for him and if you have children and that is all you can do... smoknig is an addiction and it is very difficult to just quit.
I-m going through the same thing with my boyfriend - he-s getting there!
tips: get a book on quitting smoking from the library and put it under his nose. Also explain all the health dangers - lung cancer, mouth cancer, peripheral vascular disease.
and the social -dangers- - bad breath, smelly clothes and hair, stained yellow teeth.
Finally; explain how all public places are going to have no-smoking bans imposed within the next couple of years no matter where u are in the western world..
the whole world is turning anti-smoking!
good luck with that one, Ive been trying for 8 years now to get my hubby to quit be he says hes not ready and as long as im nagging him he wont quit. i guess its something you have to want to do yourself.
How daring are you willing to be?

the reason i bring this up is I knew a guy who dated this girl who smoked and could not stop.

he told us that one night, after she lit up, he unzipped his pants and whizzed on her pack of cigarettes and left the house in silence.

She stopped smoking that night for him (and for herself)
stop nagging him, it-s only gonna nerve him and need another one.
He-ll quit when he-s ready, and then you can offer support.
do the math on how much he spends on cigarettes in a yr and go for a goal of something he really wants and see how long it willtake to save the money if he quits.
Go to this web site it has a lot of information on the dangers of smoking. Hope it helps. Thanks for the points.

show him a picture of the lungs of a long time smoker with cancer or any other lung problems , if that dosent stop him, then ur out of luck cause its up to him to quit its as bad as smoking crack
Maybe you have something that he really likes. Maybe you could work out a deal.
Can-t give you a definitive answer since I don-t know what kind of person he is. A friend of mine just found out that his kid is allergic to nicotine/tobacco smell. Knowing the type of person he is, I knew the moment he told me that he-s going to try his damnedest to quit.…

check that out
No amount of convincing can get him to stop. We can-t change others, we can motivate and hope they change on thier own, but we just can-t do that for them.
he must be addicted to it now, although you can make a rule that there is no smoking in the house because if he wont stop his smoking is harming you too, also your kids and pets if you have them.
If you dont have kids and he wants them let him know that smoking reduces your sperm count
How do i convince my husband to quit smoking? -