Anyone take Chantix to quit smoking? -

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anyone take Chantix to quit smoking? -

I am taking Chantix to quit smoking. I am on my 4th day from my quit date. So I-ve been on it for a week and a half. Now that I-m not smoking during the day, I feel sooooo hungry all the time. I-m a small girl 5ft 3in and 110 lbs, and I don-t want to gain too much weight. Anyone else who took this med. to quit or Zyban and had the same feeling of hunger? Also if there are any healthy tips to curve the hunger cravings. Forget about nicotine cravings, they-re practically gone, but now I-m sooo hungry. Just another annoying craving to deal with now. Tips please. Thanks!!
Increase hunger is a standard side effect of quitting smoking, in general. Your metabolism is getting back to normal. Average weight gain for quitting smokings is about 5-10 lbs. You are heading to a weight which you should have been. For you, if you gain a couple of pounds it is not the end of the world.
However, a side effect of Zyban (Bupropion) not Zyban is appetite suppression.
I wonder why your doctor chose the rather new Chantix over Zyban. Zyban is actually Bupriopion SR, and that is a generic drug.
Best thing is to exercise more and eat a healthy diet.
You do want to change medications in the middle of your treatment.
Hi- according to this article, when you hungry- take a walk! Replace your cravings with exercise, and you will become even healthier! Here is the article:…

Stick with it, and good luck!
I took Chantix and had the same problem. I stopped taking it back in December (I quit smoking in October) and was on a feeding frenzy after I quit. I gained a few pounds but have since lost it. Gaining a few pounds is a small price to pay to kick the smoking habit.

Try and eat healthier things like vegetables or honey wheat pretzels. They-re good for you and also help with the oral fixation.
-Chantix (varenicline) can be four times as effective in helping a smoker give up cigarettes successfully, according to a report in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). According to the report, which cites three studies, Chantix is twice as effective as Zyban (bupropion).-

Maybe that-s the reason some doctors prefer Chantix than Zyban.

About Chantix side effects I know one of the side effects is constipation, so plenty water can help taking this medication.…

Sorry to hear that is happening to you! I am on day 18 of my Chantix program, and thankfully I haven-t noticed any increase in hunger cravings. Keep taking the Chantix though! It does help!
Chantix is a great way to quit smoking with minimal side effects, which should go away eventually. For more information about Chantix, please view the following website:

I was a 40 a day smoker - this is how i quit:

All the best!
Anyone take Chantix to quit smoking? -